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Welcome to the 10th International Aortic Summit!

Dear Friends,

ICAD (Institute of Cardiac & Aortic Disorders), SIMS Hospital is proud to announce the the 10th Aortic Summit on November 18th - 20th , 2022.

Aortic surgery is a rapidly emerging specialty in India. Keeping this in mind a biennial aortic summit has been held in Chennai for the last two decades which is aimed at promoting and cultivating aortic and aortovascular medicine and surgery in our country and across the globe. We resonated from Chennai with the voices and expertise of many experts and leaders in this field and we continue to do so despite the global challenges that encircled us all during the last two years.

This year’s program will feature live operations streamed from operating theatres where prime surgeons will show their skills, suppleness, and decision-making processes. The galaxy of international faculty includes eminent surgeons from the USA, UK, Wales, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Australia, NewZealand, Malaysia and Thailand. The invited faculty of experts will share their approaches and showcase their adroitness in complex aortic surgery in the Expert Led Presentation. The program will also feature a Keynote lecture by Prof. Joseph Coselli (Texas Heart Institute). Adjacent to this we will run controversial topics in Pro-Cons Great Debate, and Case-Based Discussions

I welcome all the eminent faculty and delegates from across the world to be part of this summit.

At your service,
Prof. Bashi.V.Velayudhan

Course Director - 10th International Aortic Summit
Adjunct Professor - The TamilNadu MGR Medical University
Consultant - Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon
Chief of Dept. - Aortic Surgery
Director, ICAD, SIMS Hospitals, Chennai